FRIDA to Fund Projects on Internet Stability, Security and Access

April 6, 2020

LACNIC introduces new funding opportunities for technical projects through its FRIDA Program.

Starting in 2020, FRIDA will focus on supporting projects aimed at strengthening the Internet in Latin America and the Caribbean. The program will place special emphasis on funding innovative projects involving Internet stability and security, as well as alternative strategies to facilitate the connectivity of underserved populations.

One of the categories of this year's program is Stability and Security. Under this thematic category, LACNIC will support projects on cybersecurity, resilience, interconnection and innovations in network operation.

Under the Cybersecurity subcategory, initiatives may address domain name (DNS) protection, routing security, projects for measuring the deployment and impact of security technologies, confidentiality of communications, data security and integrity, alternatives for improving end-user device security, and the development of cybersecurity capabilities.

Under Resilience, FRIDA will support the development of new technologies and the deployment of collaborative efforts to make the Internet more resistant to the vulnerabilities inherent to its infrastructure and malicious activities seeking to destabilize its operation. Selected projects will deal with the prevention of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, the deployment of DNS root servers, mechanisms for monitoring and mitigating anomalies or incidents, and collaboration with global measurement projects. 

Under Interconnection, the program seeks to support initiatives to promote Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), study the state of interconnection in the countries of the region, monitor IXP traffic, design traffic management tools, and develop interconnection capabilities.

The Network Operation subcategory will consider tools for automated network management, training and research projects to promote automation in BGP or DNS configuration and management, systems to display and update network status, as well as innovations in network architecture. 

In turn, under the Internet Access category, FRIDA will seek to support projects to increase Internet access for populations in Latin America and the Caribbean. Funds will be provided to projects dealing with four different topics: alternative access models (projects that seek to bring connectivity or access to content to underserved communities); interconnection between smaller Internet providers such as WISPs, small and medium ISPs, intranets and community networks; technologies to support connectivity (low-cost hardware and open-source software) and energy to power connectivity (innovative solutions on how to power Internet infrastructure in remote areas or during natural disasters).

The application process will remain open until 22 May. FRIDA will offer grants of between US$ 10,000 and US$ 40,000 to complete projects within a twelve-month period of execution. In addition, US$ 10,000 awards will be presented to initiatives that serve as regional examples. All in all, the program plans to award US$ 170,000 to fund initiatives that will contribute to create an open, stable and secure Internet in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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