The LACNIC Campus Announces New Courses in 2020

The LACNIC Campus, an online training platform for the Internet community, adds two new courses to its wide range of educational offering this year.

The new courses offered are the following: "IPv6 in Massive Networks” and "Introduction to Internet Governance in LAC”. In both cases, the Campus will offer a single edition during 2020.

IPv6 in Massive Networks" is aimed at engineers, technicians, students and experts interested in deepening their knowledge on IPv6 deployment at the level of different access and last mile network technologies. The course focuses on the practical aspects needed to understand IPv6 deployment in today's three major fixed access networks (GPON, xDSL and HFC DOCSIS).

In addition, "Introduction to Internet Governance in LAC" provides a broad perspective on the management of critical Internet resources -such as IP addresses, DNS and Internet protocols- and the different regional problems associated with the use of the Internet and its impact at the social and economic levels. The course agenda ranges from information about the Internet ecosystem, its architecture, issues related to human rights and the Internet, the digital economy, cybersecurity and emerging issues.

These new proposals strengthen and increase the educational platform's training possibilities. The first course to start will be BGP Basics and Introduction to RPKI, which will open on January 27th. 

LACNIC Campus has become a regional referent training center in matters related to Internet security, IPv6 protocol, resource certification and network development.  Last year, a total of 7642 people participated in the 15 editions of the various courses offered.
You can check the course calendar here.