Registration for the 5th 2016 Edition of the Basic IPv6 Course Is Now Open

Registration for the 5th 2016 Edition of the Basic IPv6 Course Is Now Open

Today (12.00 pm UTC-3) LACNIC's Training Center opened the registration period for the 5th 2016 Edition of its Basic IPv6 course, which is set to begin this 20th October on the organization's online learning platform (

For this edition of the sixth Basic IPv6 course editions planned for this year. This time, the LACNIC Campus is reserving 250 seats for the Community. The course will be provided online, will be self-managed, and will include five modules that participants must complete according to their own pace and in their own time, always respecting the course start and end dates. Each module includes optional self-evaluations, which we recommend completing as the final grade will be calculated based on these self-evaluations and the score obtained in the final evaluation.

The proposal provides a general overview of the IPv6 protocol structure, presents key considerations relating to IPv4 address exhaustion and mechanisms for transitioning to the new protocol, and addresses Iv6 network numbering plans and deployment strategies. The course is aimed at everyone interested in understanding the key concepts of the IPv6 protocol.

The Basic IPv6 course is self-managed by participants and based on a user-friendly format which includes viewing videos, reading various texts and completing exercises before taking a final exam and obtaining the corresponding certificate. Participants may choose to watch these videos in Spanish or with English subtitles.

The course is geared towards those who need to become familiar with IPv6 and requires a minimum commitment of 20 hours. The deadline for completing the course will be November 17th.

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