"Great Place to Work 2018": LACNIC Is the Second Best Place to Work in Uruguay

For the seventh year in a row LACNIC has been named one of the Top 10 places to work in Uruguay according to the ranking prepared by international consultants Great Place to Work.

This year, LACNIC climbed four places and ranked as the second best place to work in Uruguay in the category of under 150 employees.

Oscar Robles, LACNIC CEO, stressed the commitment and contribution of each member of the organization, as they are the reason why LACNIC is an excellent place not only for professional but also for personal development. “Being included in this ranking for the seventh year in a row is not an easy task, nor is it the task of a single person. It is the result of all of us who work at LACNIC striving for continuous improvement that will allow us to offer a level of excellence in our services and to maintain a working environment that contributes to the development of our employees.”

Likewise, People Engagement Manager Florencia Bianchi highlighted the work of LACNIC's Organizational Climate Committee, which comprises members of each of the organization's departments. “This year, the Committee focused on analyzing those items that had dropped in the 2017 survey or that were a few points below our general average, and also on proposing improvements, some of which are already being implemented."

The analysis performed by Great Place to Work is the most in-depth and well-respected study on workplace excellence and leadership practices. It surveys employees regarding their level of trust in their relationships with the organization’s management, and assesses company policies and business practices.