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A new policy on intra-RIR transfers is now in force

A new policy on intra-RIR transfers is now in force

LAC-2015-1 came into force on Monday 14 March. Ratified by the LACNIC Board on 14 December, this policy allows IPv4 address block transfers within the LACNIC region without the need for a merger or acquisition of the companies involved.

This type of transfer may only take place if the organization interested in obtaining IPv4 addresses can justify the need for such resources, if the size of the block to be transferred is larger than or equal to /24, and if the organizations willing to transfer the resources can adequately prove they are the holders of those blocks.

In all cases, in order for a transfer to occur, all of the conditions set out in section of the Policy Manual must be met (see http://www.lacnic.net/web/lacnic/manual-2#

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