Chapter II - Capacity, Patrimony and Social Resources

This document and/or information was originally written in Spanish, the official language of Uruguay, the country where LACNIC is legally incorporated and whose laws and regulations LACNIC must meet. Likewise, unofficial information and/or documents are also written in Spanish, as this is the language in which most of LACNIC's collaborators and officers work and communicate. We do our best to ensure that our translations are reliable and serve as a guide for our non-Spanish-speaking members. However, discrepancies may exist between the translations and the original document and/or information written in Spanish. In this case, the original text written in Spanish will always prevail.

Capacity, patrimony and social resources


LACNIC is capable to acquire goods and contract obligations. Consequently it can operate with public and private banking and financial institutions.


The patrimony consists of the goods it currently possesses, and those it may acquire henceforth under any title, and of the resources it obtains from:

  1. the ordinary and extraordinary quotas paid by the members;

  2. the rents its goods produce;

  3. the donations, inheritances, bequeaths and subventions;

  4. the income it may obtain as a result of activities within the framework of its objectives;

  5. any other income it may legally obtain in concordance with the non-profit character of the institution.


The structure of the LACNIC includes the following elements:

  1. The Members: who hold the power in the institution;

  2. the Assembly, which is the sovereign organ of the institution;

  3. The Board of Directors, which manage and administer the institution;

  4. The Fiscal Commission; which controls the functioning of the institution and the actions of the Board;

  5. The Electoral Committee; which is in charge of the organization of elections;

  6. The Committees; which execute the diverse actions of the institution.

* Article modified at the Member Assembly held on May 29, 2008.

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