Compensation and Recognition

LACNIC constantly monitors its salaries and other employment conditions based on market studies.

At LACNIC, performance is evaluated on an annual basis. At this time, employees and their managers review their job descriptions and agree on individual goals and development of the skills required by the position.

Professional Development

Each year LACNIC develops a Training Plan that takes into account the training needs identified during the performance evaluation stage and also our strategic objectives.

Health and Safety

LACNIC offers a safe and healthy work environment.

We offer spacious and comfortable facilities, including a fully equipped lunch area where fresh fruit, mineral water and coffee service are available for our staff.

In addition, our premises are covered by a 24-hour medical emergency service.

Health and Accident Insurance

LACNIC provides an international-class health insurance plan for staff, their partners and children under 21 years of age.

In addition, a collective insurance policy covers all employees in case of accidental death, full and permanent disability, and partial physical loss due to accident.

When traveling on business, our staff is covered by a travel insurance policy with ample benefits.


LACNIC provides its employees with a retirement insurance policy, the monthly contribution to which is provided in part by the employees themselves and in part by LACNIC.

Social Benefits Plan

LACNIC implements a Social Benefits Plan which includes, among other things, health promotion campaigns, a clothing and footwear allowance, and education aid scholarships.

Relocation Expenses

For certain positions, LACNIC will cover part of the relocation expenses and will provide immigration aid for applicants not residing in Uruguay.