DNS, Reverse Resolution

LACNIC's DNS servers are responsible for the reverse resolution of the IP addresses assigned within the region.
Currently, this function is performed by six servers located not only in Latin America and the Caribbean, but also in Africa, North America, Asia and Europe.

LACNIC is not responsible for the reverse resolution of domain names.

The information for reverse resolution must be entered through the MiLACNIC system.

DNS servers are updated daily based on system records at the following times:

  1. 0:00 h (BRST/BRT)
  2. 4:00 h (BRST/BRT)
  3. 8:00 h (BRST/BRT)
  4. 12:00 h (BRST/BRT)
  5. 16:00 h (BRST/BRT)
  6. 20:00 h (BRST/BRT)

BRST: Brasilia Summer Time, equivalent to UTC -02:00.

BRT: Brazilian Standard Time, equivalent to UTC -03:00.

  1. Domain Name System (DNS)
  2. Reverse Resolution
  3. Possible errors when delegating a block
  4. Configuration (IPv4)
  5. Configuration (IPv6)