LACNIC operates based on a self-regulation model according to which the rules (policies) governing Internet resource administration are developed by the regional community through a public, participative and transparent process that is open to anyone who wishes to take part in it and built on consensus.

Open participation of all stakeholders ensures that these policies are in line with regional interests, thus safeguarding the community as a whole. Before being presented at the forums to seek consensus, all proposals are submitted and discussed on the policy mailing list.

LACNIC Policies Manual

LACNIC Policies Manual (online)

LACNIC Policies Manual (PDF)

LACNIC Policy Development Process

LACNIC Policy Development Process

LACNIC Policy Proposal Archive

Proposed policies in last call

LAC-2013-02 Principles Governing the Distribution of Number Resources

Ends 06/01/2014

Proposed policies under discussion

LAC-2014-01 Creation of an IPv4 reserve exclusively for IPv6 deployment

LAC-2013-04 Management of Returned Internet Resources

LAC-2013-01 Publishing information on reassigned IP address blocks via FTP

LAC-2012-08v3 Inter-RIR IPv4 Address Transfers

LAC-2012-01v3 Eliminate the use of the term "dial-up"

Proposal using the expedite process

LAC-2013-03v2 Adapting the allocation / assignment policy for IPv4 exhaustion.

How to propose a policy:

  1. Read the LACNIC Policy Development Process

  2. Subscribe to the Policy List

  3. Complete and Submit form for Policy Porposals

Chairs of Policy Forum:


  • Francisco Arias, Mexico (2008-2010)

  • Eldert Louisa, Netherlands Antilles (2009 - Interim)

  • Christian O'Flaherty, Argentina (2004-2008)

LACNIC Policy Discussion

In order to participate in the LACNIC policy proposal you must be subscribed to the following list

LACNIC Public Policy Mailing List