Policy Manual (v2.1 - 25/03/2014)


Seeking to achieve an efficient utilization of the resources assigned/allocated to the LAC
region, LACNIC shall attempt to recover resources in order to re-assign/re-allocate them
to organizations.

If there is evidence to suggest that the assigned/allocated resources are possibly not being utilized or are being incorrectly utilized, LACNIC shall verify with the organization that received the assignment/allocation whether the resource is being properly utilized.

The following are some of the evidences that LACNIC may use to initiate the resource recovery process:

  • Lack of visibility of the resource on the global routing table.
  • Breach of LACNIC policies.
  • Breach of the provisions of the registration service agreement or other legal agreements between the organization holding the resource and LACNIC or one of its NIRs.
  • Evidence that an organization has disappeared and its blocks have not been transferred.
  • Unauthorized transfers under the provisions of the policies.

The resource recovery process begins once LACNIC is in possession of the evidence mentioned above.

LACNIC shall attempt to contact the organization and rectify the situation. Certain organizations exist that may have assignments/allocations that are being used but are not visible on the global routing table. If the organization can justify that this is the case, LACNIC shall consider this sufficient and the resource recovery process shall end.

If the situation cannot be rectified, LACNIC shall publish the resource that is to be recovered for a period of six months. During this period the organization may rectify the situation with LACNIC. After this period, the resource shall be recovered and therefore the records of the previous holder of the recovered resource shall be removed from LACNIC's database.

LACNIC shall publish the resources that have been recovered so that the routing filters may be modified.

LACNIC shall frequently attempt to identify resources that are capable of being recovered.

Any IPv4 resources recovered under this policy may only be assigned/allocated under the guidelines set forth in item 11.1 of the policy manual.

Assignment/allocation of recovered IPv4 resources will begin when, for the first time, it is not possible to perform an assignment/allocation from the IPv4 special reserve pool. Resources having an earlier recovery date shall be assigned/allocated first. Recovered IPv6 and ASN resources shall not be assigned/allocated until a new policy defines the appropriate time.