Chapter 8

The Treasurer


The Treasurer or whoever replaces him according to the bylaws must:

  1. Be present at Board meetings and Assemblies;
  2. Keep the Membership register together with the Secretary, and be responsible for the collection of member fees;
  3. Keep the accounting ledgers;
  4. Present the monthly balance sheets to the Board and prepare the annual report, which, once approved by the Board will be submitted to the Ordinary Assembly;
  5. Sign jointly with the President the receipts and other treasury documents, effecting the payments approved by the Board;
  6. Deposit in a bank account in the name of LACNIC, and with joint signatures of the President and Treasurer, all funds collected, with the capability of retaining funds up to the amount authorized by the Board;
  7. Report on the economic status of the entity to the Board, and the Fiscal Commission on any occasion this is required.

* Article modified at the Member Assembly held on 29 May, 2008.