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Process and requirements for the elections of Electoral Commission

Process and requirements for the elections of Electoral Commission

According to Articles 24 and 25 of LACNIC's Bylaws, within ninety days of the Ordinary Assembly the candidate election for LACNIC Electoral Commission is performed.

According to the Bylaws, members of this Commission each serve a three-year term and are annually renewed on a rotating basis.

General Schedule

  • Period for submitting nominations.

  • Eligible candidates are announced.

  • Online elections through LACNIC elections system.

Nominations must be submitted by the person authorized to exercise their organization's membership rights, i.e. the person registered on LACNIC's database as its membership contact.

Requirements for running in the election

  • Being nominated by a LACNIC member (self-nominations are allowed).

  • LACNIC employees may not be nominated or nominate any candidates.

  • Nominations will be accepted or not considering the incompatibilities referred to in article 24 and of LACNIC's Bylaws applicable to members of the Electoral Commission, as well as all legal provisions in force under LACNIC's Bylaws.


The election process happens through LACNIC elections system and are enabled to enter the electoral roll all organizations that are current with paying their membership on the date posted in the process call of that year. The membership contact is the one to exercise the right of voting on behalf of the organization.

Winning candidate will occupy the positions held by current member of the Electoral Commission for a period of three years as of the moment of the election. In case of a vacancy by resignation, the term that will be covered is one year as from the date of the election.


The work of the Electoral Commission is essential for the transparency of the electoral process and the inclusion of new players in our institutional life. Do not demand many minutes a day of the members that compose it while greatly contributes to the development of our community.

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