Registration Documents

LACNIC Registration Service Agreement

Document (pdf)

This document should be signed by organizations approved to receive Internet Resources (IP or ASN) from LACNIC. Once signed in two copies, it should be sent to LACNIC office.


Document (pdf)

LACNIC guarantees that all information sent to it is treated as confidential. All LACNIC staff has a NDA signed with LACNIC. But, even though, if one organization need it formalized, this document should be signed and sent to LACNIC, which will also sign and return to the organization.

Agreement for LACNIC whois database copy request in bulk format

Document (pdf)

Documento que debe ser firmado por organizaciones que desean tener acceso completo a la información whois de LACNIC. De acuerdo con la política:

Proposed Bulk Whois Policy

Access request to the RDAP system (Registration Data Access Protocol)

Document (pdf)

Document to request access to the RDAP system.