LACNIC - LACNIC Creation Agreement Draft

Santiago de Chile, August 22, 1999


The Latin American and Caribbean Internet Address Registry (LACNIC), is the organization that administrates for the Latin American and Caribbean Region (LAC) the IP address space, Autonomous System Numbers (ASN), reverse resolution and other resources, on behalf of the Internet community.


  1. Provide registry services of IP addresses, ASN, reverse resolution and its associated resources in order to allow and facilitate communications through information networks.
  2. Represent and promote the regional viewpoints and interests in international organisms in its areas of competence.
  3. Support the growth of Internet in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  4. Support the Latin American and Caribbean community in the development of procedures, mechanisms and standards in order to assure the efficient assignment of Internet resources.
  5. Promote educational opportunities to its members in its technical and political areas of competence.
  6. Propose and develop public policies in its areas of competence.

The guidelines for LACNIC will be:


A member of LACNIC must accomplish at least one of the next conditions:


Members that qualify as per point 1, can vote according to the amount of address space that administer, according to the following prefix length table:

Members having qualified by means of point 2, have no right to vote.

Members having qualified by means of points 3 and 4, have one vote.

Iinterim Board of Directors

A Board of Directors has been established. It includes one representative from each of the following organizations: AHCIET, CABASE, CGIBR, ECOMLAC, ENRED and NIC-Mx, each having one vote. In case of draw, ENRED has a double vote. This Interim Board will remain in place until the initial assembly is convened.

The Board's goals are:


The TC is a group that reports to the Board and is in charge of developing Policies, to be used in registration and distribution of IP addresses, AS numbers and reverse resolution. It will be in charge of organizing and supervising the interim operation. It is formed by one representative from each of the same organizations that form the Interim board, with the presidency and deciding vote going to CGIBR.


To start LACNIC interim operation the TC will organize and supervise the following actions:

Working Groups

LACNIC will have working groups, under the Board's supervision. Initial working groups will be:

Policies Guidelines

Policies development will be based on RFCs related to administration of IP, ASN and reverse resolution. Said development will be open and transparent to ensure justice and fairness in the Policies.


Temporary location will be Brazil.

Initial Funding

Organizations represented in the IB will provide the funds for the initial operation. CGIBR and NIC-Mx will provide for the necessary technical infrastructure.

LACNIC está certificado por SGS:SGS