2023 Líderes Program - Selected Applicants

LACNIC's Líderes Program announces the studies selected in its 2023 edition. This program provides funding and mentoring to support research on selected Internet Governance (IG) topics as they are perceived from within the different communities.

The thematic areas for the 2023 edition were as follows:

  • Internet for All: Inclusion and Impact on Human Rights
  • Cybersecurity and Cybercrime
  • Risks of Internet Fragmentation
  • Models for Internet Public Policy Formulation
  • Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies

The following participants were selected:

 Vladimir Cortes Roshdestvensky (Mexico)
Fernanda dos Santos Rodrigues Silva (Brazil)
Camilo Alfredo Arratia Toledo (Bolivia)
Kiado Cruz Miguel (Mexico)
Laura Alejandra Palacios Ramirez (Colombia)
Kindy Vereus Montreuil (Haiti)
Ana Müller (Argentina)
Gerardo Martínez Cruz (Mexico)
Leonardi José Fernández Fernández (Colombia)
Jose Alberto Rojas Marcelo (Peru)
José Arthur Pereira Alves (Brazil)
haís Helena Aguiar (Brazil)

The selected candidates will conduct their research over a period of three months, under the guidance of a mentor who is recognized by the community. LACNIC will then disseminate their work online and publish various materials (press releases, announcements, etc.) that will contribute to knowledge on Internet Governance topics in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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