LACNIC 2023 Technical Forum - Call for Presentations

LACNIC extends an invitation to the Internet community to participate in its call for presentations to be included in the LACNIC Technical Forum agenda for our upcoming event, LACNIC 39, to be held in the city of Mérida, Mexico, on 8 to 12 May 2023.

The LACNIC Technical Forum (LTF) is a space reserved in LACNIC's annual events for the Internet community to share their experiences, work, and initiatives related to various technical aspects of Internet development in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Types of Presentations

Two types of presentations will be accepted for the LACNIC Technical Forum:

  1. Short presentation: 10-minute presentation plus 5 minutes for questions
  2. Full-length presentation: 20-minute presentation plus 5 minutes for questions 

In all cases, the time allocated for each presentation will be strictly monitored and the space reserved for audience participation will be respected.


The following list of topics is provided as a guide to orient those wishing to submit a proposal. The list is not exhaustive and proposals on other technical topics may also be submitted in response to this call for presentations. 

  • Operation of IP networks (success stories, best practices, etc.)
  • Internet protocols (routing, switching, etc.)
  • Domain Name System (DNS)
  • Interconnection of autonomous systems (peering, IXPs, CDNs, etc.)
  • IPv6: transition, deployment, advances
  • Measurements, tools, and analysis of Internet protocols and the Internet in general
  • Cybersecurity
  • Protocols and experiences related to the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Infrastructure and transport
  • Value-added services such as VPNs, distributed systems, cloud computing, etc.
  • Research on network technologies
  • Measurements, behavior of networks and of the Internet in general
  • Innovations or new trends with an impact on current paradigms
  • Task programming and automation in networks and/or services
Reception of Proposals

To be accepted, proposals must be submitted within the established time frame (17 November 2022 to 16 February 2023) using the form available here.

All proposals submitted for the FTL must respect the required format:

  1. Title of the presentation
  2. Complete or sufficiently advanced presentation that will allow a clear evaluation of the work. Abstracts or presentations containing only a description of the work that has been carried out will not be accepted. Please keep in mind that the evaluation will be based solely on the materials that are submitted, so the proposal should contain sufficient information for the evaluators to make a decision.
  3. Presentation format: short or full-length presentation.
  4. Information about the authors (full names, email addresses, and company/organization they represent)
  5. Proposals will be accepted in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  6. Accepted formats: only PDF files will be accepted during the assessment phase. If a presentation is accepted, the author may request to use other formats to improve visualization. This must be agreed with LACNIC based on the visualization software available for the event.
Selection Criteria

The evaluators will rate each proposal according to predefined criteria specified in the call for presentations.

The following evaluation criteria will be considered:

  1. Technical quality
  2. Originality
  3. Value in sharing the work 

Proposals will be evaluated and rated by experts on each topic. Once the evaluations are complete, the LACNIC Technical Forum Program Committee will decide which presentations will be included in the LACNIC 39 LTF agenda.

Financial Support

LACNIC has limited funds to finance the face-to-face participation of FTL speakers, so presentations may be given either on site or remotely.


Important dates for this call for presentations:

  • Call for presentations opens: 17 November 2022
  • Proposals will be received until: 16 February 2023
  • Evaluation of proposals and selection of presentations: 17 February to 22 March 2023
  • Selected applicants will be notified: 23 March 2023
  • Event date: 8 to 12 May 2023