Membership benefits

Membership benefits

LACNIC members can nominate and elect members of the Board of Directors through an electronic voting process. The number of votes assigned to each member is determined based on the amount of address space managed by each organization.

Annual events

Each year LACNIC organizes three events in which members are invited to participate.

Each May, the General Assembly meets to address issues relating to LACNIC's management, balance sheets, expenses report, budget execution and other matters pertaining to the activities carried out by the organization.

Each July, the LACNIC Caribbean event provides another opportunity to discuss with our members and other industry representatives the actions that have been taken and our initiatives and proposals. This exchange aims to build and articulate collaborative efforts for the development and stability of the Internet in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The LACNIC - LACNOG event takes place in October. This event brings together representatives of different sectors to discuss various topics of interest. Participants include  Internet service provider (ISP) managers and technicians, network engineers, experts in new technologies, Internet exchange point operators (IXPs/NAPs), content providers, international carriers, academic sector representatives, as well as Regional Internet Registry and ICANN staff and civil society representatives.

Discussion list


This list is dedicated to presenting and discussing proposals for the distribution of Internet resources in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Network Security

The aim of this list is to bring together in one forum all those interested in network security issues.


This list is aimed at all those interested in IPv6 development in the region.

Women in ICTs

The goal of this forum is to encourage the participation of women in ICTs by building synergies among its participants.

To subscribe to this list, please send an email to:

Additional services available

Registy Services - Reverse DNS Resolution

LACNIC's DNS servers are responsible for the reverse resolution of IP addresses assigned to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and other organizations in the region.

There are 6 reverse resolution root servers worldwide. They are located in the regions of Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, North America, Asia and Europe. It is important to highlight that LACNIC is not responsible for the reverse resolution of domain names.

The configuration necessary for reverse resolution must be entered through LACNIC's IP address management system.


Resource Certification (RPKI)

LACNIC operates the Resource Certification (RPKI) System for the numbering resources assigned in the region.

Resource certification establishes a public key infrastructure (PKI) commonly known as RPKI (Resource Public Key Infrastructure) that combines Internet resource assignment with the use of digital certificates.

LACNIC's RPKI system allows creating digital certificates and ROAs (Route Origin Authorizations) which can then be used to validate the origin autonomous system numbers of BGP updates to reduce the risk of prefix hijacking and increase Internet routing stability and security.

Starting in October 2012, LACNIC will be offering the new version of its RPKI system which improves usability and adds new functionalities based on IETF standards. For further information or to access the RPKI system:


Automated Internet Resource Management System (SARA)

To satisfy the needs of some of the region's Internet service providers, LACNIC provides its Automated Internet Resource Management System (SARA). SARA is an interface that can be used to manage Internet resources assigned to third parties (sub-assignments to clients) and automatically update the records for these resources. The protocol chosen for this task is EPP - Extensible Provisioning Protocol.


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