"Great Place to Work 2021": LACNIC is the Best Place to Work for Women in Uruguay

June 30, 2021
For the second year in a row, LACNIC has been named the Best Place to Work for Women in Uruguay.

International consults Great Place to Work have recognized LACNIC for its efforts to achieve greater equality in workplace in the midst of the complex situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Florencia Bianchi, People Engagement Manager at LACNIC, noted that that the Regional Internet Registry shares the spirit of GPTW FOR ALL, which is to move towards organizations with no gender gaps.

Currently, 54% of the LACNIC staff are women. In addition, these women represent 43% of the management team and occupy 62% of the remaining in leadership positions (leaders and coordinators).

Equality and gender balance are intrinsic to the spirit of LACNIC. “Being included in this ranking for the second year in a row fills us with pride, as it reflects how our employees perceive the organization,” Bianchi added.