2021 IANA Numbering Services Review Committee (RC) Elections

Official results

The Electoral Commission of LACNIC has the honor of confirming Nathalia Sautchuk Patrício to occupy one position in the IANA Numbering Services Review Committee (RC) for the period of 2 years from January 1º, 2022 to December 31, 2023.

Our most cordial greeting and enthusiastic welcome to the new member and an enormous thank you to the candidates.

Your initiative has been essential to this process.

LACNIC Electoral Commission

If you have any question for the commission, please contact votacion@lacnic.net

Interim Election Results 

Included below are the interim results of the elections held to appoint a member to the IANA Numbering Services Review Committee (RC). These interim results are subject to complaints regarding the election process received between 28 October and 1st November (18:00 UTC). 

Interim results are published to avoid the disclosure of unofficial results through channels external to LACNIC during the auditing period.

From 22 to 26 October, LACNIC Policy list subscribers voted to elect a LACNIC region representative to the Review Committee (RC).

The Electoral Commission proceeded to audit the votes and results were as follows:

Candidate Votes received %
Nathalia Sautchuk Patrício 87 73%
Vagner Ricardo dos Santos 27 23%
Lerner Mapurunga Silveira 5 4%
Total number of votes 119 100%
  • Number of authorized voters: 1532
  • Number of persons who voted: 119
  • Percentage: 8%

If you have any questions for the Commission, please address them to votacion@lacnic.net