2021 Board of Directors Results

Official results

The Electoral Commission of LACNIC has the honor of confirming Evandro Varonil, Alejandro Guzmán and Esteban Lescano to occupy three positions in the Board of Directors for the period of 3 years from January 1º, 2022 to December 31, 2024.

Our most cordial greeting and enthusiastic welcome to the new members of the Board and an enormous thank you to the candidates.

Your initiative has been essential to this process.

LACNIC Electoral Commission

If you have any question for the commission, please contact membresia@lacnic.net

Interim Results

Such interim results will be subject to any claims received during the period reserved for this purpose:

  • Submission of potential claims regarding the online voting process: 25 October – 26 October (starting at / until 18:00 UTC)

  • Deadline for responding to any claims received regarding the online voting process: 29 October (until 18:00 UTC)

This interim results seeks to avoid the disclosure of unofficial results through channels external to LACNIC.

According to the provisions of LACNIC's bylaws and the calendar of this electoral process, between 13 and 20 October, 2021, elections were held in order to select the candidates who will occupy three seats on LACNIC's Board of Directors; votes were collected online.

After the voting period and its corresponding audit by the Electoral Commission, the elected candidates are:

Candidates Votes %
Evandro Antonio Ramos Terra Varonil de Sousa (Evandro Varonil) 2050 20%
Alejandro Guzmán Giraldo 1468 14%
Julian Esteban Lescano Cameriere (Esteban Lescano) 1097 11%
Marcelo Matias De Ambrosio 944 9%
Marciano Grein Beninca 724 7%
Salvador Bertenbreiter 694 7%
Clovis Antonio Cecconello 691 7%
Gilvan Batista de Morais 601 6%
Vagner Ricardo dos Santos 476 5%
Jorge David Matzkin 459 4%
Jefferson Junio Gondek Nemes 422 4%
Irailson Matias 381 4%
Abstención / Abstention / Abstenção 261 2%
Total of votes 10268 100%
  • Number of organizations entitled to vote: 11271

  • Number of organizations that voted: 2037

  • Percentage: 18%

If you have any question for the commission, please contact membresia@lacnic.net