The strategic role of IPv6 in digital transformation

Date Start
08 sept  13:00 UTC

The webinar has a transcription and simultaneous interpretation services available in Spanish, English and Portuguese.


Digital transformation is an imperative that promotes economic and social growth in the countries of our region and allows continuity in our lives in the face of the social distancing measures mandated in response to the pandemic. While this transformation process has been accelerated, it will not be complete if it does not include IPv6, as the possibility of having more people connect to the Internet and the high availability of services in the future depend on this protocol. During webinar, different perspectives on the digital transformation process will be presented, and speakers will discuss the strategic role of IPv6.


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Opening Session

  • Oscar León, CITEL Executive Secretary
  • Oscar Robles, LACNIC CEO

Presentation – The Future of the Internet Goes Hand in Hand with IPv6

Faced with the changes brought about by the current pandemic, society has undergone transformations based on technology, especially on the Internet. States should leverage this to lay the foundations for a resilient Internet that will support the medium- and long-term future.

  • Lee Howard
Slides (PDF 795KB) 

Panel 1: Digital Transformation and Its Impact on the Internet Ecosystem

In some countries — including those of Latin America — social distancing and confinement measures were implemented to try to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  These measures drove an increase in Internet utilization rates which resulted in an estimated growth in Internet traffic of approximately 30% to 40%. This panel will seek to identify the role of each of the Internet’s critical elements in its operation during the pandemic.

Moderator: Alejandro Acosta

  • Carlos Martínez – LACNIC
  • Nicolás Antoniello – ICANN
  • Edwin Estrada - NAE
  • Victor Calix - UFINET

Panel 2: Strategic Role of IPv6 with a View to the Future

The current situation poses various challenges for a future where the Internet is a basic tool for businesses, governments, and citizens alike. This, however, requires a scalable Internet to maximize the benefits of development and IPv6 implementation is critical for this purpose. This panel will seek to identify the strategic role of IPv6 deployment.

Moderator: César Díaz

  • Oscar Robles – LACNIC
  • Bruno Ramos – ITU
  • Uesley Correa - Telecom Entrenamientos
  • Juan Olmos - NIC AR
Slides (PDF 868KB)


  • César Díaz – LACNIC