LACNIC Honeynet - Discover How Network Security Attacks Work

Date Duration
 22 jul  60 min

The webinar has a simultaneous interpretation and transcription service available in Spanish and English.


LACNIC CSIRT has deployed a honeynet to allow members to gain first-hand knowledge of certain types of cybersecurity attacks that are common in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This webinar will show you how the system allows viewing security events in real time and explain the modus operandi of attempted attacks affecting your resources.

You will also learn how early detection of threats based on this information can help you take proactive actions to mitigate them.

Prior knowledge of the participants

The webinar is geared towards technical staff and IT managers.


Guillermo Pereyra, Security Analyst.

Guillermo Pereyra is currently Security Analyst at LACNIC CSIRT, the team responsible for coordinating responses to computer security incidents involving resources in Latin America and the Caribbean. He is a student of Electrical Engineering at the School of Engineering in Uruguay and has more than six years of experience in computer incident response and CSIRT operation.