Registration and Validation of Abuse Contacts

The new policy on registration and validation of abuse contacts ( which makes it mandatory to maintain all abuse contacts in the WHOIS database (abuse-c, abuse-mailbox) up to date will take effect in the month of May. This policy was proposed and approved by the LACNIC community and ratified by the Board of Directors in 2020.

This policy seeks to guarantee the existence of a valid abuse-c contact to which alleged cases of abuse can be reported. The implementation of the policy means that it is essential for organizations to keep their contact information up to date.

Starting in June 2019, LACNIC has been implementing a campaign to encourage its members to update this information, and most member organizations have cooperated with this request.

LACNIC informs those who have not yet updated this information that they must do so as soon as possible so that the policy approved by the community can be properly implemented. 

Organizations that have yet to update their data can watch the following video, where they will find instructions on how to complete the required information. (

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