Registration API

What is an API?

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of commands, features, and protocols used to integrate different systems without the need to know how they are implemented.

APIs provide flexibility, simplify application design, management, and utilization, and create opportunities for new products and innovation.

As APIs have become increasingly popular, specifications have been developed to standardize information exchanges. One such specification is Representational State Transfer (REST).

Web APIs that conform to the constraints of REST architectural style are known as RESTful APIs. Simply put, they are the APIs that use HTTP methods to obtain data or perform operations on these data in various formats (for example, XML and JSON).


What is the LACNIC Registration API?

The LACNIC Registration API is a REST-based API that uses Oauth authentication and is designed mainly for the bulk management of the resources available through the MiLACNIC platform.

The API uses the OpenAPI specification, with a user interface (Swagger-ui) that interactively displays the API's documentation, allowing users and developers to test their services.

Who can use the LACNIC Registration API?

The LACNIC Registration API is available to all LACNIC members who request their access credentials.

What services does the LACNIC Registration API include?

The LACNIC Registration API includes the following services:

Resources Services Endpoints



Modification, obtaining information




Obtaining information


IP address blocks

Registration (sub-assignment)

Removal, modification (contacts and others), obtaining information



Reverse DNS


Removal, modification



Requesting access to the LACNIC Registration API

To request access to the LACNIC Registration API, contact hostmaster [at] lacnic [.] net and include the following data:

  1. OrgID
  2. Contact name
  3. Contact email addresses
  4. GPG key (to encrypt the email containing the authentication credentials)

How to access the LACNIC Registration API testing environment

Once your access request is approved, you can login to our testing environment at the following address:

Production environment

If you would like to try the LACNIC Registration API but are not a LACNIC member, you can use our testing environment. To request access to our testing environment, contact hostmaster [at] lacnic [.] net

The following podcast (in Spanish) provides further information: Non-members who wish to use the LACNIC Registration API