LACNIC Community Code of Conduct

September 4, 2019

The LACNIC Board of Directors has approved a Community Code of Conduct to ensure that the organization's participation spaces are inclusive and safe, thus favoring a broad and diverse exchange of ideas.

The Code is an initiative of LACNIC's Women in Technology project and is in line with the work of other Regional Internet Registries, which have already implemented codes of conduct to facilitate the relationships between members of their respective communities.

The standards of conduct contained in this document are the result of the work of the LACNIC staff in constant consultation with the Board of Directors and will apply to everyone involved in the organization's participation spaces, including events, training activities, online forums, committees, and working groups.    

The Code will be gradually incorporated into LACNIC's various areas of participation and will be presented to the community during the LACNIC 32 - LACNOG 2019 event. The document was developed considering the definition of a broad framework that will allow its direct application as well as its eventual coexistence with other specific regulations for particular spaces.

LACNIC's Ethics Committee will be the authority responsible for enforcing the code and will analyze potential breaches of the standards of behavior, in which case they will apply the corresponding penalties.

The LACNIC Board has also decided the creation of a working group made up by five community leaders —Alexandra Dans, Carmen Denis, Clara Collado, Jorge Villa and Oscar Messano— to work on the operational aspects involved in the implementation of these standards of conduct. This group will be working over the coming months and may suggest possible extensions to the guidelines outlined in the Code.

With the approval of the Community Code of Conduct, LACNIC reaffirms its commitment to the promotion of inclusive and safe environments for all members of its community.

Read the LACNIC Community Code of Conduct