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Acknowledging Oscar Messano

Acknowledging Oscar Messano

During the most recent face-to-face meeting of the LACNIC Board, its members decided which Directors would fill the various positions in 2016. As a result, Wardner Maia was appointed as Chairman of the Board, thus succeeding Oscar Messano.

Oscar Messano skillfully chaired the LACNIC Board since the organization was created; along with a group of visionaries and 140 members, he kicked off a success story that continues to this day.

With more than 5,000 members, LACNIC is now not only a well-known institution for the important role it plays in terms of its core mission, namely managing numbering resources for the region, but also for everything it stands for in leading various Internet-related initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean. Likewise, LACNIC has also had a leading role on the global stage, building a better, more secure, transparent and participatory Internet.

Throughout LACNIC's 13 years of existence, many actors have contributed to the processes involved in developing and strengthening the organization, people from the community, member organizations, staff and Board members. Messano stands out among these actors because of his position of leadership; his actions, always well-analyzed and driven by great common sense; and how he led Board meetings, major events and the organization's day-to-day activities with style and elegance.

There are countless reasons to thank Oscar Messano, and we will certainly continue to benefit from his excellent contribution to the LACNIC Board.

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