About the Resource Revocation Process

About the Resource Revocation Process

LACNIC statement on the status of the IP resources of 12 Venezuelan universities currently undergoing the revocation process

Last year, after failing to pay the membership fees for the IP resources they had been assigned, the revocation process began for twelve Venezuelan universities. As specified for this process, the corresponding resources were published on LACNIC's website in the month of December.

While LACNIC recognizes this is a delicate situation, to date the Board has only exempted payment of membership fees in cases of natural disasters (Haiti and Chile, exemption and modification of deadlines, respectively).

It should be noted that, of the 65 Venezuelan organizations that are currently members of LACNIC, these twelve are the only ones to have fallen into debt, so it is our understanding that this is not the general situation throughout the country.

In this particular case, the holders of the resources have stated they expect to pay their membership fees before 6 March, which is the deadline for avoiding revocation.

LACNIC values the efforts of these organizations and trusts they will fulfill their commitments as other members have in the past.