Call for candidates to fill three positions in the LACNIC Board of Directors (2018)


According to the provisions of LACNIC's bylaws and the calendar of this electoral process, between 12 and 19 of October, 2018, elections were held in order to select the candidates who will occupy three seats on LACNIC's Board of Directors; votes were collected online.

After the voting period and its corresponding audit by the Electoral Commission and each voting organization, the elected candidates are:

According to the LACNIC's Bylaws (and the Regulations regarding Incompatibilities, Capacities and Suitability):

“Not more than two Directors may be citizens of the same country or territory in the region.”

For this reason, candidates Hartmut Richard Glaser and Rafael Gomes de Cresci, who originally received the third and fourth highest number of votes, were not elected, as they have the same citizenship as candidate Evandro Antonio Ramos Terra Varonil de Sousa and current Board member Wardner Maia.

Final results

Candidates Votes %
Evandro Antonio Ramos Terra Varonil de Sousa (Evandro Varonil) 2835 30%
Alejandro Guzman 1367 15%
Hartmut Richard Glaser 1299 14%
Rafael Gomes de Cresci 1191 13%
Julian Esteban Lescano Cameriere (Esteban Lescano) 1105 12%
Nicolas Antoniello 500 5%
Sergio Manuel Murillo Saldaña 314 3%
Rafael Antonio Ibarra Fernández (Lito Ibarra) 296 3%
Ezekiel George Gobin 165 2%
Abstención / Abstention / Abstenção 162 2%
Rafael Luis Galarza Porras 90 1%
Total of organizations that voted: 1935 Total of votes: 9324 100%

The Electoral Commission of LACNIC has the honor of confirming Evandro Antonio Ramos Terra Varonil de SousaAlejandro Guzman and Julian Esteban Lescano Cameriere to occupy the positions in the Board of Directors for the period of 3 years from January 1º, 2019 to Dicember 31, 2021.

Our most cordial greeting and enthusiastic welcome to the new members of the Board and an enormous thank you to the 10 (ten) candidates. Your initiative has been essential to this process.

LACNIC Electoral Commission

If you have any question for the commission, please contact

Who can vote and how?

Online voting period: From 12 October (18:00 UTC) – To 19 October (18:00 UTC)

See the voters’ registry of this process here

Each member organization has a designated representative (their membership contact) who has the right to vote on behalf of the organization he or she represents. Who will receive an email with the organization's voting link.

The membership contact's name and email address must be on file with LACNIC. The accuracy of this information is solely the member's responsibility; LACNIC will in no way be responsible for updating this information.


LACNIC Electoral Commission presents the eleven candidates to this electoral process:

Candidates (in alphabetical order by name) Person nominating the candidate
Full name (without abbreviations) Organization Country of citizenship Country of residence Biography and Desirable Suitability Criteria Full name Organization Reason for the nomination
Alejandro Guzman Google LLC Colombia United States of America Answers Ariel Sebastián Weher Alberto Oscar Genovese I am nominating Alejandro because throughout his term he has shown an important level of commitment with the organization and the community. It is more than clear that Alejandro has extensive experience fulfilling this very important role, and that is why I would like for him to be a candidate once again.
Aristóteles Dantas Gaudêncio Enteriw Provedor de Internet Ltda. Brazil Brazil Answers Self-nomination Self-nomination On 25 September, Aristóteles Dantas Gaudêncio requested the removal of his name from the list of candidates to the Electoral Commission. This candidate will not be included during the voting period.
Evandro Antonio Ramos Terra Varonil de Sousa (Evandro Varonil) Americana Digital Ltda. Brazil Brazil Answers Self-nomination Self-nomination Over the years, I have built a career that matches the expectations of each position in which I have served, and this has resulted in my proven experience in Internet Governance, which makes me highly suited to the challenge of collaborating even more actively with our community.
For years, I have maintained close ties to LACNIC, regularly attending the organization's events and participating in the Public Policy Forum. This has allowed me to gain in-depth knowledge of LACNIC's tasks and activities. In addition, I have an excellent relationship with the community in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile and other countries, with the organizations that make up the Internet ecosystem, and with LACNIC's own staff.
Thus, I believe that my technical and political knowledge of the Internet in Latin America and the Caribbean will allow me to fulfill the role with excellence and to meet the expectations of the LACNIC board, where I will be able to more closely participate in the decisions that shape the future of our IP networks.
Ezekiel George Gobin T&T Network Information Centre - NICTT Trinidad & Tobago Trinidad & Tobago Answers Ajmal Nazir Green Dot Ltd George is a Vereen and extremely knowledgeable in this area. Well respected and connected in the industry, has contributed immensely on many occasions and would be an asset on the LACNIC board especially in bringing caribbean inclusion.
Hartmut Richard Glaser Brazil Brazil Answers Frederico Augusto de Carvalho Neves In times of major transformations, it is essential for the board of an organization such as LACNIC to be comprised in a way that it includes a set of experiences, ideas and talents that express the diversity of our region, without losing the continuity and experiences that have already been acquired. Hartmut Glaser is extremely well known and respected in Latin America and the Caribbean and, in my opinion, greatly reinforces the stability and credibility of the institution.
It would be very good for a board that is already quite diverse to have the resilience offered by Hartmut. This is the name I recommend for the position.
Julian Esteban Lescano Cameriere (Esteban Lescano) Camara Argentina de Internet - CABASE Argentina Argentina Answers Hernán Seoane Cámara Argentina de Internet - CABASE Esteban Lescano has contributed to Internet development in Argentina and in the region, actively participating in legal, regulatory and policy initiatives as Director of the Legal and Public Policy Commission of CABASE (the Argentine Internet Chamber).
He has actively participated in multiple Internet governance initiatives and spaces, including Net Mundial, LACIGF, IGF, IGF Argentina, LACNIC and ICANN.
In 2014, he was part of the CRISP TEAM as one of the representatives of the Latin American and Caribbean numbers community, where he contributed to the proposed IANA oversight transition, and is currently serving on the NRO Review Committee, to which he was elected by the community.
Esteban is 41 years old, he is lawyer with a degree from Universidad Austral, has a master's degree in Business Rights from Francisco de Vitoria University in Madrid, Spain and a master's degree in Business Administration from Universidad Austral in Argentina. He is a faculty member for the subject of The Right to Information at the School of Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires, where his field of research is online freedom of expression. He is also a researcher at CETyS, the Technology and Society Center of San Andrés University, where he has contributed to the Internet Governance Diploma in its 2017 and 2018 editions.
He is a Founding Partner of Lescano & Etcheverry Abogados, a firm that specializes in advising national and international companies on ICT law since 2006.
Esteban has published research papers as well as newspaper and magazine articles on the regulation of telecommunications, audiovisual communication services and Internet development.
Nicolas Antoniello Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Minería - Uruguay Uruguay Uruguay Answers Pablo Cuello Antel Nicolas has been actively involved in Internet-related matters, both in our region and around the world, for more than ten years. Specifically, he has participated in Lacnic since the very beginning, whether in his role as chair of the Public Policy Forum; proposing regional and global policies; working on Internet governance issues; as an instructor of routing, security and connectivity tutorials; or actively engaging in various forums and technical and policy spaces. He has devoted much of his time to contributing to – and following up on – these issues and working from his different roles to drive the development of the country and the region in all aspects related to the Internet.
He maintains close ties with the work and mission of Lacnic and is quite knowledgeable of the internal processes, activities and goals of the regional organization. He also has an excellent relationship with the community in general, with the organizations that are part of the Internet ecosystem (regional and global), and with those who are part of the Lacnic staff.
For all of the above, it is my opinion that Nicolás represents a valuable contribution and an excellent candidate to the Lacnic Board of Directors.
Rafael Antonio Ibarra Fernández (Lito Ibarra) Asociación RAICES (Red Avanzada de Investigación, Ciencia y Educación Salvadoreña) El Salvador El Salvador Answers Luis Eliécer Cadenas RedCLARA Rafael Ibarra has an extensive career as a founder and collaborator of institutions linked to Internet development in Latin America. His contributions throughout the years are a testament to this, and we at RedCLARA believe that his past and current contributions to the LACNIC Board are extremely valuable. We believe he is an excellent candidate and are therefore formally nominating him to run for this election.
Rafael Gomes de Cresci ErmidaNet Brazil Brazil Answers Rodrigo Araujo ITMNetworks We are nominating Rafael as a candidate to occupy one of the three vacancies on the LACNIC board of directors because he has much to contribute to the work of the organization, because as he has a strong curriculum and because of his solid experience. Rafael has an academic background in International Relations, has been working for 19 years in the hosting and datacenter market, having been the owner of a specialized hosting company. He later migrated to technical and managerial positions and strategic consulting in international companies of the most varied sizes and locations, including LucaNet / IceWarp (Brazil), QuadraNet, Enzu/BudgetVM and Global Net Access (USA), and IBM Cloud / SoftLayer (Brazil), where he worked in operations, negotiation and strategic planning.
Rafael Luis Galarza Porras Inter & Inter S.A. Ecuador Ecuador Answers Self-nomination Self-nomination N/A
Sergio Manuel Murillo Saldaña Red Five Two SA de C.V. Mexico Mexico Answers Self-nomination Self-nomination Highly qualified candidate whose personal and professional goals are in line with the position for which he is being nominated.


Electoral Process

In accordance with article 20 of the LACNIC Bylaws (click here to read the full article here):

Candidates who are elected will occupy a position on the LACNIC Board for a period of 3 (three) years as of January 1, 2019.


The LACNIC Board recommends not distributing electoral propaganda by mass messaging contacts obtained from the LACNIC DB.

Likewise, the Board would also like to remind you that LACNIC mailing lists are provided for the discussion of specific topics and must therefore not be used to post electoral propaganda.


According to article 26 of the Bylaws (click here to read the full article) in addition to other responsibilities, the LACNIC Board has the following responsibility:

We invite you to read the Regulations regarding Incompatibilities, Capacities and Suitability approved in February 2018 by the Board (see Board minutes here).


Opening of the period for receiving applications: 13 August (18:00 UTC)

Deadline for receiving applications: 13 September (18:00 UTC)

Closing of the voters’ registry (list of voting organizations with no outstanding obligations): 13 September (18:00 UTC)

Publication of the voters’ registry and list of candidates (in alphabetical order): 19 September

Period for submitting questions or comments to the candidates: From 20 September – To 11 October (18:00 UTC)

Period for submitting claims in connection with the voters’ registry and/or the candidates: From 20 Sept – To 24 Sept (18:00 UTC)

Deadline for deciding claims in connection with the voters’ registry and/or the candidates: 28 September (at 18:00 UTC)

Online voting period: From 12 October (18:00 UTC) – To 19 October (18:00 UTC)

Auditing by the Electoral Commission: From 19 October – To 23 October (18:00 UTC)

Period for submitting possible claims in connection with the online voting system: From 24 October – To 25 October (18:00 UTC)

Deadline for deciding claims in connection with the online voting system: 30 October (18:00 UTC)

Publication of the official results: 25 October (if no claims are received in connection with the online voting system)

Who can be nominated and how?

Members of the Board of Directors shall be subject to the following incompatibilities:

1. Not more than two Directors may be citizens of the same country or territory in the region. Should a candidate for a position on the Board of Directors have more than one citizenship, all such citizenships shall be considered when evaluating an alleged incompatibility. Any new citizenship acquired by a Director after their election shall not be considered grounds for incompatibility.

2. Not more than one Director may have employment, consultancy or advisory relationships with the same Company or Organization and/or with one of its Related Companies, whether established in the same country or not.

Citizenships for which there is already a Director serving on the Board and only one other director may be elected as a result of this call for candidates.

Wardner Maia (Brazil), Javier Salazar (Mexico) Gabriel Adonaylo (Argentina) and Rosalía Morales (Costa Rica). Likewise, the organizations of these countries can nominate candidates from other citizens of our region.

Application Form

Must be sent to with the subject "Candidate to the LACNIC Board of Directors – 2018”

About the candidate

About the applicant

Who can vote and how?

More information about the Board of Directors


According to the LACNIC Social Bylaws, the Board of Directors consists of seven members who make up the following honorary positions:

President, Vice-President, Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Treasurer, Deputy Treasurer and Regular Member.

Powers and responsibilities

Each position corresponds to a list of specific tasks that are found in the following chapters:
VI (President),
VII (Secretary),
VIII (Treasurer),
IX (Vice-President, Deputy Secretary, Deputy Treasurer and Regular Member).

Mandates and incompatibilities (article 20)

Board Meetings

The LACNIC Board of Directors meets periodically (approximately 10 times a year) through telephone conferences or web conferences with an approximate duration of 2 hours.
In addition, it holds 3 face-to-face meetings a year, two of which take place during LACNIC's main events, and the third usually at the end of November or beginning of December at LACNIC's headquarters.

Article 23:

Code of Conduct

Like the staff of LACNIC, the Board of Directors is ruled by our Code of Conduct.