Registration for the second 2018 Edition of the Advanced IPv6 Course Is Now Open (in Spanish) UPDATED

LACNIC's Training Center announces that registration is now open for the second edition of the Advanced IPv6 course which is set to begin the 4 September on the organization's online learning platform.
The Advanced IPv6 course has been designed for those seeking to further their knowledge of the IPv6 protocol. It is an ideal opportunity for those who completed the basic course. The course will be taught in Spanish.

The course has been UPDATED with the addition of the following topics:

Likewise, the following contents have been updated:

Finally, new versions of the practice environment have been updated and an exercise on packet capture have been added. 

The goals of the course are that participants will:

Registration period: August 2 (18:00 UTC) to 30 August (18:00 UTC)
Course starts: 4 September 2018
Course ends: 16 October 2018
Click here to register.
Watch a video showing how to register:

Information for LACNIC members:

If you are part of a LACNIC member organization and have a question on how to register for the course or your organization's registration code, please contact


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