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Call for candidates to fill one position in the LACNIC Fiscal Commission (2018)


According to the provisions of LACNIC's bylaws and the calendar of this electoral process, between 23 and 30 of July, 2018, elections were held in order to select the candidate who will occupy one seat on LACNIC's Fiscal Commission; votes were collected online.

After the voting period and its corresponding audit by the Electoral Commission and each voting organization, the elected candidate is:

  1. Adriana Ibarra – México

Final results

Candidates Votes %
Total of organizations that voted: 950 Total of votes: 2099 100
  1. Number of organizations entitled to vote: 7,317
  2. Number of organizations that voted: 950
  3. Percentage: 13%

The Electoral Commission of LACNIC has the honor of confirming Adriana Ibarra to occupy the positions in the Fiscal Commission of LACNIC for the period of 3 years from this moment and until the enf of the electoral process of 2021.

Our most cordial greeting and enthusiastic welcome to Adriana and an enormous thank you to the 5 (five) candidate. Your initiative has been essential to this process.

LACNIC Electoral Commission

If you have any question for the commission, please contact membresia@lacnic.net

LACNIC Electoral Commission presents the five candidates to this electoral process:

Candidates (in alphabetical order by name) Person nominating the candidate
Biography, answers to the set of questions prepared by the Electoral Commission, and desirable suitability criteria Organization Country of citizenship Country of residence Full name Organization Reason for the nomination
Adriana Ibarra Vazquez  Ibarra Vazquez, LLC. Mexico USA Lia Marcia Solis Montaño Entel, S.A. Adriana has proven her knowledge and commitment to LACNIC for more than 15 years. Over the years, she has served as a member of the Fiscal Commission, alternate member of the Electoral Commission, and member of LACNIC's Ethics Committee. Adriana is a lawyer specializing in Information Technology, with experience in anti-corruption laws and transparency programs. Her contributions over the years have helped strengthen LACNIC and improve the organization's control mechanisms.
Adriana has a Law degree and a master’s degree in International Commercial Law from Tecnológico de Monterrey (Monterrey Campus, Mexico). She is also a lawyer licensed by the State Bar of Georgia, USA. Adriana is currently working with an international technology company with offices in Latin America.
Alex Matias Ojeda Mercado  ChileNetworks SPA Chile Chile Self-nomination ChileNetworks SPA For years I have participated in LACNOG and LACNIC. While doing so, I have observed many practices with which I am not happy and have said so on countless occasions. Coupled with my desire to cooperate with the community as much as I can, this is my reason for wanting to be part of the Fiscal Commission, where I hope to have the tools and encourage people to participate in supervising the activities and functions of LACNIC as an organization.
LACNIC is an organization that owes itself to the community. An organization by the community and for the community, never the other way around.
My priority will be seeing to an organization that serves its members. Increase the importance of member participation and engagement.
Marco Urbina Brualla Vozelia S.A. Panama Panama Self-nomination Vozelia S.A. We believe it is important for Panama to be represented in this body. In addition, we have the experience and knowledge needed to serve on the Fiscal Commission.
Mark Juergen Urban RedCLARA Germany Uruguay Luis Eliécer Cadenas Marín RedCLARA The candidate's profile: an upright, capable person with experience in finance.
Omarvis Innaun Mendoza Franco Conectividad y Comunicaciones de El Salvador, Conective SA de CV El Salvador El Salvador Self-nomination Conectividad y Comunicaciones de El Salvador, Conective SA de CV To generate change, to motivate the growth of the community by contributing knowledge and experience.

See the voters’ registry of this process here

  1. The voters’ registry is the list of organizations enabled to vote.
  2. This list was closed on June 22, 2018 at 18 UTC and includes all the organizations of the categories Founding Members and Active A (which did not have outstanding balance in their financial statement on that date).

Electoral Process 2018

In accordance with article 20 of the LACNIC Bylaws (click here to read the full article here):

The elected candidate will serve for a period of 3 years.

The LACNIC Board recommends not distributing electoral propaganda by mass messaging contacts obtained from the LACNIC DB.
Likewise, the Board would also like to remind you that LACNIC mailing lists are provided for the discussion of specific topics and must therefore not be used to post electoral propaganda.

According to article 26 of the Bylaws (click here to read the full article) in addition to other responsibilities, the LACNIC Board has the following responsibility:

We invite you to read the Regulations regarding Incompatibilities, Capacities and Suitability approved in February 2018 by the Board (see Board minutes here).


Opening of the period for receiving applications: 23 May (18:00 UTC)

Deadline for receiving applications: 22 June (18:00 UTC)

Closing of the voters’ registry (list of voting organizations with no outstanding obligations): 22 June (18:00 UTC)

Publication of the voters’ registry and list of candidates (in alphabetical order): 28 June

Period for submitting claims in connection with the voters’ registry and/or the candidates: From 29 June – To 3 July (18:00 UTC)

Deadline for deciding claims in connection with the voters’ registry and/or the candidates: 9 July (at 18:00 UTC)

Period for submitting questions or comments to the candidates: From 29 June – To 20 July

Online voting period: From 23 July (18:00 UTC) – To 30 July (18:00 UTC)

Auditing by the Electoral Commission: From 30 July – To 1st August (18:00 UTC)

Period for submitting possible claims in connection with the online voting system: From 2 August – To 3 August (18:00 UTC)

Deadline for deciding claims in connection with the online voting system: 8 August (18:00 UTC)

Publication of the official results: 3 August (if no claims are received in connection with the online voting system)

Who can be nominated and how?

Members of the Fiscal Commission shall be subject to the following incompatibilities:

2. Not more than one member of the Fiscal Commission may have employment, consultancy or advisory relationships with the same Company or Organization and/or with one of its Related Companies, whether established in the same country or not.

At the moment the commission is composed of Aristóteles Dantas Gaudêncio (Brazil) and Hernán José Arcidiácono (Argentina). Likewise, the organizations of these countries can apply for candidates from other citizens of our region.

Application Form

Must be sent to nominations@lacnic.net with the subject "Candidate to the Fiscal Commission – 2018”

About the candidate

About the applicant

Who can vote and how?

More information about the Fiscal Commission

According to LACNIC's Bylaws, LACNIC Fiscal Commission consists of three members.

Powers and responsibilities

The same responsibilities and tasks that are found in Article 27 correspond to the three members.

Mandates and incompatibilities (article 20):

Fiscal Commission Meetings

The Fiscal Commission meets twice a year. In Montevideo, where the LACNIC headquarters are located, and after that trip they meet again during the May event for the Members Assembly.

Code of Conduct

Like the staff of LACNIC, the Fiscal Commission is ruled by our Code of Conduct.

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