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Ivan Zilic Schmidt

Name of the Candidate

Ivan Zilic Schmidt


PIT Chile SpA



Country of residence


Brief biography of the candidate

Born in Argentina and with more than 20 years living in Chile, Ivan Zilic is an entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in developing different companies in the field of Information Technology and the Internet.

He has technical knowledge of the field and ‘knows the ropes' of the business, is proactive and always brings a conciliatory spirit. His business vision allows him a holistic approach when facing difficulties.

Most recently, Ivan has been working on PIT Chile, a venture which since its creation in 2016 has become a reference for neutral IXPs in Chile.

Name of the person nominating the candidate

Jaime Cruz Mendoza

Organization of the person nominating the candidate

TNA Solutions SpA

Reason for the nomination

We are nominating Ivan because of his vast experience working with the Internet and the fact that he has served on different boards related to this area. His current position as director at PIT Chile has led him to interact with most ISPs, CDNs, universities and other actors that are part of the Internet ecosystem and to acquire a broad vision he will contribute to any role in which he may serve.

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