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Gabriel Adonaylo

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Gabriel Adonaylo





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Brief biography of the candidate

Gabriel Adonaylo holds a degree in Information Systems Engineering from Argentina's Universidad Tecnológica Nacional. His experience in Telecommunications and IT spans more than 20 years, during which he has been permanently involved in Internet development in the LAC region.

In the private sector, Gabriel was Head of Product Management at British Telecom, where his responsibilities covered the entire region. He also managed the company's main product families, from Internet and MPLS to Datacenter services.

As for his participation within the Internet community, Gabriel was one of the founders and later Vice President of NAP CABASE. He was also part of the initial team working on NAPLA (which then became the Regional Interconnection Forum). He has been actively involved in the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) since its first meeting held in Athens in 2006. He has consistently attended the Global Peering Forum (GPF). He has participated in more than 20 events organized by LACNIC. He has also been part of the Internet Society Argentina Chapter.

For the past two years, Gabriel has been a member of LACNIC's Board of Directors, having previously served for ten years on this organization's Fiscal Commission.

Name of the person nominating the candidate

Ariel Graizer

Organization of the person nominating the candidate

Servicios y Telecomunicaciones s.a.

Reason for the nomination

I've known Gabriel personally and professionally for more than 20 years.

In his two years as a member of the LACNIC Board, Gabriel has made significant contributions, particularly the project to modify the organization's membership structure, which makes it easier to obtain IP addresses and ASNs and thus helps promote greater Internet network deployment.

I believe Gabriel has the professional experience, human quality and proven track record needed to continue addressing current and future challenges with the responsibility and leadership that have always characterized his work.

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