Exchange Programs with other RIRs

LACNIC permanently carries out exchange and cooperation activities with the other Regional Internet Registries around the world. Specifically, staff exchange visits and internships are implemented seeking to achieve feedback and share experiences with the staff of the other Registries. In addition, joint activities are carried out with the other RIRs, such as the workshop held in June 2003 in the city of Montevideo, which was oriented to contributing to the process of creating AFRINIC.

LACNIC's active participation within the NRO (Number Resource Organization) is another example of LACNIC's interest in generating external and community relationships, as well as achieving coordination with other Registries. The NRO was created in October 2003 with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the regional registries, and its objectives, among others, include offering a point from where RIRs can relate to the Internet community in general, and also to serve as a coordination mechanism between the Registries on matters of common interest.