LACNIC Cooperation Agreement

This document and/or information was originally written in Spanish, the official language of Uruguay, the country where LACNIC is legally incorporated and whose laws and regulations LACNIC must meet. Likewise, unofficial information and/or documents are also written in Spanish, as this is the language in which most of LACNIC's collaborators and officers work and communicate. We do our best to ensure that our translations are reliable and serve as a guide for our non-Spanish-speaking members. However, discrepancies may exist between the translations and the original document and/or information written in Spanish. In this case, the original text written in Spanish will always prevail.

Since its creation, LACNIC has adopted an active cooperation policy seeking to consolidate itself as an organization, to strengthen its involvement in the growth and development of the Internet within the region, and to satisfy its primary purpose of Internet resource management for the region of Latin America and the Caribbean.

An example of this are the initial agreements signed with Comite Gestor do Internet Brazil and NIC Mexico. Through the first agreement it was possible to have the technical infrastructure and human resources necessary for LACNIC's operational center in the city of Sao Paulo during the first two years of its existence. In the case of the agreement with NIC Mexico, it was possible to implement LACNIC's training plans at the expense of said organization, through the preparation of material and the organization of meetings in different countries of our region.

These two agreements have had a very important role in LACNIC's achievement of stability and viability during its initial stages.

Likewise, we believe that by generating different cooperation agreements and activities LACNIC can make a significant contribution to the strengthening of the institution as well as to the growth and development of the Internet community within the region.

LACNIC's participation in each agreement is varied and depends on the capabilities that are available in each case, but the intention is always to complement the resources and actions of each organization. For this reason, in some cases it participates by using its own funds or obtaining funds from outside the region, in others by facilitating the institutionalization of regional organizations, integrating and co-participating in the organization of forums and other events as well as supporting research on strategic issues.

Thus, although it is not its primary role, LACNIC contributes to the growth and evolution of the regional Internet community, enhancing its international presence and relevance, resulting in a greater degree of involvement and effect on policy definition and global resource management of the network at international level.