LACNIC Activities Report to ICANN Board

ARIN: American Registry for Internet Numbers

9 September 2001

M. Stuart Lynn
President & CEO, 
Subject: LACNIC Activities 

Dear Dr. Lynn: 

The intent of this report is to provide you and the ICANN Board of Directors a summary of the recent activities in regard to the establishment of a Regional Internet Registry (RIR) in the Latin American area. Representatives from ARIN and the LACNIC Interim Board of Directors have worked closely together over the past year and are pleased to report the following;:

  1. 8-9 December 2000. Buenos Aires, Argentina. LACNIC conducted its first open policy forum.
  2. 19-20 April 2001. Sao Paulo, Brazil. ARIN inspected the BrasilNIC facility as the model for the LACNIC facility. It is an excellent model. The draft registry policy document was reviewed. This document was developed as a result of the input received at the open policy forum. The draft By-Laws were reviewed. The web site content was reviewed.
  3. 19 July 2001. Chantilly, Virginia, USA. Representatives met to plan for the transition of registry activities From ARIN to LACNIC. Planning for the drafting of the formal application document was also conducted.
  4. August - September 2001. Sao Paulo, Brazil. LACNIC hires first two employees.
  5. 27 - 31 August 2001. Chantilly, Virginia, USA. ARIN and LACNIC engineering staffs conduct technical interchange meeting to discuss technical transition requirements.
  6. 27 August - 7 September 2001. Chantilly, Virginia, USA. ARIN registration services staff conducts training for LACNIC registration service staff. Development of procedures for conduct of registration services during the transition period begins.
  7. 7 September 2001. Montevideo, Uruguay. ARIN and LACNIC representatives conduct detailed review of draft formal application document.

In the coming months we expect to continue the transition, begin early implementation activities, and to further develop the formal application document. 

Sincerely yours, 

Raymond A. Plzak Raul Echeberria
President & CEO Chairman
ARIN Interim LACNIC Board of Directors


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