Recognition of LACNIC

Shanghai, China, October 31st. 2002

Yesterday, during ICANN´s Public Forum, LACNIC presented to the community and to the ICANN Board, a report on its transitional process outcome. This transitional process started on March of 2002, when ICANN gave to LACNIC a provisional approval.

Following LACNIC´s report, ARIN President, Mr. Ray Plzak, presented an approving report on the job made by LACNIC during this period and its outcome. 

Presentation of these satisfactory reports, gave place to the signing of documents by ICANN and LACNIC Presidents in relation to LACNIC´s recognition. 

Today, during ICANN Board meeting, LACNIC was finally recognized and proclaimed as the fourth Regional Internet Registry (RIR). 

ICANN Board of Directors Resolution is available at: