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LACNIC and LACNOG are calling for organizations in the region that are interested in hosting their joint meeting for the year 2013. The meeting will be held for 6 days during the week from 27 October to 1 November 2013 in a city in the LAC region within the area served by Lacnic. (For a list of countries, visit:

Coverage Area

The local organizer interested in hosting this meeting must meet certain conditions and requirements detailed in this document.

Description of the event

At least two non-simultaneous meetings will be held during that week:

LACNIC's Public Policy Forumand LACNOG's 2013 annual meeting, which convenes the main IP network operators and Internet service providers in the region. Additionally, parallel meetings may be held involving other major organizations contributing to the development and stability of the Internet in the region.

The LACNOG meeting allows participants to discuss and exchange technical information relating to network infrastructure and debate technical implementation issues and operating practices with top-level experts.

Participation in the LACNIC meeting, particularly in the Public Policy Forum, is of great interest to those keen to discuss and have an influence on the development of the criteria for the distribution of Internet number resources for the region. These fora feature presentations and discussions of technical issues of concern to the regional community.

Proposals to host these meetings will be received and assessed by LACNIC's Board of Directors and LACNOG's programme committee, who will decide where the meeting is to take place on the basis of several factors. This document details the requirements for and responsibilities of the local candidate to host the meeting. The assessment of proposals will pay special attention to the following points:

Organizations interested in sending proposals to host LACNIC 20/LACNOG 2013 should send an email to: meeting@lacnic.net by April 3, 2013 including the following information: 

For more information and detailed requirements, please contact Adriana Rivero: meeting@lacnic.net or call +5982 604 2222 extension 4203.

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