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LACNIC's position on allegations of espionage attributed to the United States National Security Agency (NSA)

The Latin American and Caribbean Internet Address Registry, LACNIC, expresses its deep concern over recent versions regarding electronic surveillance practices by the National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States.

Although in recent months there have been many allegations of espionage by U.S. Government agencies, all of which are likely to cause concern, LACNIC would like to warn specifically about the possibility that these agencies may have the ability and the willingness to violate current Internet encryption and data protection standards that, if confirmed, would represent a serious threat to the core of Internet technology.

Coupled with recent revelations regarding surveillance practices, even if they occur outside of LACNIC's service region, this type of government initiatives would have a negative impact on privacy and security and the ability to jeopardize global Internet interoperability as well as its capacity to continue to be the engine for development that Latin American and Caribbean countries need.

LACNIC's mission and vision note that an open, stable and secure Internet is a key factor for the region´s social, economic and cultural development. The trust that the various groups of users place on the Internet is directly related to their confidence in the network´s safety standards. Consequently, if a credible shadow of suspicion is cast over those standards, the community would be naturally reluctant to take advantage of the full potential that the Internet has to offer.

LACNIC reaffirms its belief that open standards development processes and respect for such processes are the ideal means to restore such confidence, and therefore summons the Internet community throughout the region to join in them and contribute towards an open, safe and stable Internet.

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