LACNIC update on the status of the number resources assigned to Venezuelan organizations and currently undergoing the revocation process

March 3, 2017

Because of the interest this case has generated among our community, we would like to inform that today, 3 March, we received the payment canceling the debt of the organizations involved. Consequently, the revocation process for said resources has been interrupted as established in the corresponding procedure.

LACNIC staff must apply the procedure according to the policies defined by the community, regardless of the organizations involved. However, given the importance of the resources involved in this case, the LACNIC Board was duly informed and kept up-to-date on this situation. Thus, during its February meeting, the Board approved exceptional measures aimed at maintaining Internet stability in the region served by these resources.

While the resolution was implemented in strict compliance with the established procedure, there is evidently a need to have clear policies that allow identifying this type of situations in the future and solving them in a uniform manner.

Working closely with the community and following LACNIC's policy development process, we trust that we will be able to develop a suitable policy for identifying and addressing such cases.

We would also like to thank the organizations involved for their understanding and timely response, in light of the fact that Internet development and stability requires the work and commitment of all the actors involved.