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Billing / Invoices (FAQ)

What methods can I use to pay my membership fees?

You can choose any of the following payment methods:

Online payment: You can pay online with your VISA or Mastercard at the following link: https://pagos.lacnic.net

Bank transfer: The information you need to transfer your payment is available at the end of your invoice.

Credit card: LACNIC accepts credit card payments made by Visa and MasterCard. The corresponding credit card payment form is included at the end of your invoice. Please complete the form, scan the document and email it to facturacion@lacnic.net or fax it to +598 2604 2222 Ext. 4112.

On the Automatic Debit form, what is CBC?

CBC refers to the last three numbers that appear on the back of your credit card.

How much does the assignment of an additional IP address block cost?

In the case of ISPs, additional blocks only generate an additional cost if the assignment results in a change of category. In that case, the difference between the old category and the new category will be prorated according to the number of months remaining until the following renewal date.

End Users must pay the assignment fee according to the size of the requested block.

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How can I check my membership renewal date?

Your membership renewal date is the date on which you were assigned your first resource. In other words, if you received your first block in May 2011, your renewal date is May 2012. Please consider that the invoice will be issued two months prior to its due date. If you have any question or doubt regarding your renewal date, please contact the Customer Service Department at facturacion@lacnic.net.

Where can I get the invoice for my renewal fee?

Your invoice will be sent to the email address of the person designated as the billing contact two months before its due date. If you have not received your invoice, please check your spam folder or contact our Customer Service Department at facturacion@lacnic.net.

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