Lacnic Customer Satisfaction Survey

Lacnic Customer Satisfaction Survey

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2012 Edition

Results of the Survey prepared by Equipos MORI, International Consultants

Equipos MORI (BAY S.A.) is a Uruguayan company established in 1976 that provides professional services in the fields of social sciences and applied statistics. Equipos MORI has a matrix type structure and operates based on the combination of a number of consultancy areas coordinated by a service central.

The areas in which it offers consultancy services include Social Development, Public Opinion, Service Market Research (responsible for conducting the survey), Consumer Market Research, Media, Healthcare and Agriculture.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

In mid-2011, through its authorities, LACNIC shared with Equipos MORI the need to understand how its customers were assessing the services they were being provided. Thus, the first customer satisfaction study was conducted towards the end of that year. Its goal was to characterize the relationship between customers and the institution, how customers perceive LACNIC, customer care and other specific aspects of the service. The results of this study were very satisfactory. The aim of this brief summary is to share some of the results of the 2012 edition of the survey.

But first we would like to take a minute to thank all of LACNIC's customers, specially those who contributed to this process and who so graciously provided their time and submitted their replies.


The results are very encouraging for the organization. LACNIC enjoys a solid relationship with its customers and they, in turn, find the organization and the services they receive from the organization to have reached levels of excellence according to international satisfaction standards.

Some Numbers

  • 97% of our customers are satisfied or very satisfied with LACNIC (3% more than in the 2011 survey).
  • Among the 97%, 66% of our customers are very satisfied with the services they receive from Lacnic.

LACNIC's staff is one of the institution's main strengths. This manifested in staff evaluation indicators, which reached levels of excellence (over 95%) in aspects such as global satisfaction, friendliness, clarity and technical ability.

On the other hand, one of the flaws detected based on this edition of the survey is that  customers are not aware of some of the services included in the membership fee, such as, for example, DNS/Reverse Resolution, the Automated Internet Resource Management System (SARA) and Resource Certification (RPKI). In addition, only a third of LACNIC's customers are aware of the organization's financial assistance program.

As for the voting system used at the organization's Annual Assembly, 86% of the users who participated in the Assembly agree with the voting system while 8% do not.

To conclude, on behalf of LACNIC and Equipos MORI, we would like to thank all the comments and suggestions we received thorough the survey, as they are extremely useful for improving our quality of service.


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