IPv6: Transition mechanisms

Date Duration  
09/17/2019 60 minutes Slides


In the Webinar we will explain the following transition mechanisms: a) Dual Stack b) Tunnel Broker c) 6rd d) ITIS e) NAT64 / DNS64 f) 464XLAT and g) MAP.


Alejandro Acosta, LACNIC

Alejandro Acosta studied Computer Sciences at Universidad Nueva Esparta, Venezuela, where he later went on to complete a master's degree in Information Technology Management. He served as President of LAC-TF (the Latin American and Caribbean IPv6 Task Force) and is a Research and Development Engineer at LACNIC. He was previously Technology and Support Manager at British Telecom (BT) and member of LACNIC's Electoral Commission. During the past 15 years, Alejandro has participated in numerous events, among them multiple LACNIC, LACNOG, ICANN, LACIGF, IGF and IETF meetings.