LACNIC agradece al proyecto 6lab de Cisco

Cisco, as a leader in Internet Technology and strong sponsor of IPv6 migration, has been monitoring IPv6 adoption on the global Internet for several years.
Some of the data collected go back to 2010. Some of these measurements are based on publicly available data, for some they had to create probes and collect their own datasets. We all know how challenging it was (and still is to a certain extend) to convince ISP, enterprises and end-user alike to enable IPv6 on their infrastructure.
As the pool of IPv4 address were getting depleted, and as the community decided to launch a concerted effort to deploy IPv6 on the Internet (worldIPv6Launch), and lead by example; Cisco IPv6 High Impact Project’s team decided, prior to WorldIPv6Launch, to make this information publicly available to serve the community, with the belief that actual data always lead to better business decisions.
This is the reason why was created and has been providing useful information to the community ever since.
The best way to foster deployment or identify blockers was to measure it, and most importantly measure it in all its dimensions (Network, Content, Users) and phases (planning, deployment, operation) and on an on-going basis. So that forecast and projection can be done based on sound datasets.
I’m glad the datas we have been collecting, computing, and are making available are useful to LACNIC, in its effort to promote the deployment of IPv6, in order to sustain Internet Growth in Latin America, and enable unprecedented scale and new usage of the Internet at large
Alain Fiocco, Sr Director CTAO, head of Cisco’s IPv6 Program