Introduction to IPv6 in one hour

Date Duration Slides
 20 may  60 min Introduciton to IPv6 PDF(4MB)
Caribe Introduction to IPv6 PDF(1,5MB)


In this Webinar we will cover the following topics: IPv4 exhaustion, IPv6 Datagram, NAT problems and Neighbor Discovery Protocol which is considered the core of IPv6.


Alejandro Acosta, R+D Coordinator

Alejandro Acosta is currently working as R&D Engineer at LACNIC. He is also a member of different organizations related to the Internet. Prior to this, he served as chair of LAC-TF (the IPv6 Task Force), Support and IT Manager at British Telecom (BT), and a member of LACNIC's Electoral Commission. Alejandro coordinated the annual FLIP-6 meeting and the Latin American IPv6 Forum. He also taught TCP/IP at university level for more than ten years.

Previous knowledge of the participants

Basic knowledge of the IPv4 protocol.