RIRs letter to Stuart Lynn (ICANN)


As you recall, last month ARIN endorsed a request by LACNIC for an "Interim" recognition from ICANN. We strongly encourage ICANN to grant an "Interim" recognition of LACNIC. This emerging RIR has been directly involved in IP address and AS number allocation since 13 Nov 2001. They are doing this under supervision by ARIN in accordance with the transition plan that has been submitted to ICANN. LACNIC is also establishing its business office and outreach services, two activities which are important in the day-to-day operations of an RIR. The close coorperation that has been exercised between ARIN and LACNIC demonstrates that LACNIC is clearly on the road to becoming a full fledged RIR. The granting of this interim status will recognize all of the hard and excellent work that has been done to date as well as recognize that the process of founding an address registry is not a trivial matter. 

We thank you for your consideration, 

Paul Wilson 

Raymond Plzak 

Axel Pawlik