Elections 2014 - LACNIC's Board of Directors

LACNIC's Electoral Commission is calling for candidates to fill two seats on LACNIC's Board of Directors, as two vacancies will be generated on December 31st, 2014, when Oscar Messano and Oscar Robles each complete their term.

What are the Board's responsibilities?

LINK:  http://www.lacnic.net/web/elecciones/directorio

What are the nomination requirements?

  • Candidates must be nominated by a member organization's membership contact.
  • The organization presenting the nomination must be current with their membership fees.
  • Nominees may or may not belong to the organization submitting their nomination.
  •  Each organization may only submit one candidate per seat to be filled.-

Restrictions that apply to candidate nomination and election:

According to Article 20 of LACNIC's Bylaws, members of the Board are subject to the following incompatibilities:

  1. "..not more than two Directors may be domiciled in the same country…"
  2. Not more than one Director may have ties to the same organization.

The Electoral Commission will adopt the criteria necessary to enforce the restrictions set forth in the Bylaws.

Nominations and Candidacies

Candidate nominations must be emailed to nominaciones@lacnic.net (subject: "Candidate nomination to LACNIC's Board of Directors"). The body of the message must contain the following information:

  • Candidate's name:
  • Candidate's email address:
  • Name of the person nominating the candidate:
  • Organization of the person nominating the candidate:
  • Reason for the nomination:


Candidate nomination period

22 July until and including 22 September, 2014


Voters registry closes

22 September, 2014

Reception of claims regarding the voters registry

24 September until and including 30 September, 2014

Period for publishing candidates' statements, acknowledgement of nominations, Q&A with the candidates

24 September until and including 14 October, 2014


15 to 23 October, 2014

Results announcement

31 October, 2014

Dates will be considered according to UTC current time

Who can vote?

Each member has a designated representative (membership contact), who will have the right to vote on behalf of the organization he/she represents.

The accuracy of this contact's information is solely the member's responsibility; LACNIC will in no way be responsible for updating this information.

To update the information for your organization, go to http://www.lacnic.net/web/lacnic/update

How do I vote?

Voting will take place through LACNIC's Online Elections System. Only those organizations that are current with their membership fees will be able to vote.-

If you would like information on your membership fees and/or outstanding balance, please contact facturacion@lacnic.net

Number of Votes vs. Categories

LACNIC has more than 3,900 members divided into nine categories. Depending on the resources these organizations have been assigned and/or certain specific characteristics, each of these categories has a certain number of votes.

  • Major – 5 votes
  • Extra-Large – 4 votes
  • Large – 3 votes
  • Medium – 2 votes
  • Small – 1 vote
  • Small/Micro – 1 vote
  • End User – 1 vote
  • Active B – 1 vote
  • Founding Member – 1 vote

According to Article 19 of the Statute: "The votes of Members that qualify for than one category shall not be cumulative; these members shall only be entitled to the number of votes corresponding to the category with the largest number of votes."

If you would like information on your membership category and number of votes, please contact membresia@lacnic.net