Lacnic´s Board of Directors Elections

According to the bylaws and the calendar approved, LACNIC´s Electoral Commission calls for nomination of candidates to fill 2 seats on LACNIC´s Board of Directors that will become vacant on December 31st, 2013 with the ending of Javier Salazar and Wardner Maia terms. The election will be carried out according to the following conditions:

Requirements to be nominated

The person to be appointed to fill a seat on the Board of Directors must be nominated by a member organization through its membership contact, who is the person selected by each organization to exercise the membership rights.

The organization must be up to date with its dues and the nominated candidate may or may not belong to this organization. Only members who have the right of vote are allowed to nominate candidates. According to the bylaws, these members are: Active A, Active B, and Active Founding members.

The description of the Active A and Active B members are the following.

Active "A" Members. Those receiving IP address space directly from LACNIC, those receiving IP address space indirectly through national registries according to the contracts celebrated between LACNIC and said registries, or those who received address space from ARIN and belong to the address space awarded to LACNIC, and request admittance.

Active "B" Members. Organizations residing in Latin America or the Caribbean or whose activities are carried out mainly in Latin America or the Caribbean, related to Internet development and/or formed by Internet access service providers, that make a relevant contribution to Internet related policies in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean, agree with LACNIC's objectives and request admittance.

The complete text of the bylaws is available here

Restrictions for candidate nomination and election

According to Article 20 of LACNIC's bylaws, members of the Board of Directors are subject to the following incompatibilities:

  1. Not more than two Directors may be domiciled in the same country.

  2. Not more than one Director may have employment, consultancy or advisory relationships with the same Company or Organization and/or with one of its Related Companies established or not in the same country.

Should it be necessary, the Electoral Commission will adopt the necessary criteria to apply the restrictions dictated by the bylaws.

Candidatures must be submitted via e-mail to: with the subject: "Candidature for LACNIC´s Board of Directors" including the following information in the body of the message:

Name of candidate:

E-mail of candidate:

Name of the person who nominates the candidate:

Organization of the person nominating the candidate:

Motivation for nomination:

Know the responsabilities and benefits of being part of LACNIC's Board of Directors

Responsabilities and benefits


Summon for elections

July 22, 2013

Submission of candidatures period

July 23, 2013

September 24, 2013

Closing of the voter registration list

September 24, 2013

Publication of the voter registration list

October 01, 2013

Reception of claims about voter registration list

October 01, 2013

October 08, 2013

Publication of candidates´ statements, acknowledgement of candidatures, questions to the candidates

October 01, 2013

October 22, 2013

Voting period

October 23, 2013

October 31, 2013

Announcement of elected candidates

November 08, 2013

The actual voting will take place through the Internet on LACNIC´s elections system from Octuber 23 to Octuber 31, 2013 at 19h UTC.

Members have the right to present one candidate for each seat to be filled.

Each member has one designated member representative (membership contact) who is eligible to cast the vote. This individual will receive the voting instructions via e-mail containing details of the election, voting instructions and information to be provided when casting the vote. LACNIC must have this individual's name and personalized e-mail address on record. The accuracy of this information is solely responsibility of the members. In no way LACNIC will be responsible for the accuracy or updating of this information.

Organizations that have not updated their information yet, please follow the instructions on our website, where the detailed updating process is explained.


Starting on the day when the voting instructions are e-mailed to the members, they will have a period of 15 days in order to make questions regarding their membership details (membership category, number of votes, or any other related inquiries).

Conditions to vote

All organizations that are member of LACNIC by September 24, 2013 at 19:00 UTC are up to date with their membership dues, and do not have any preceding debt with LACNIC may vote in this election. The membership dues are considered the bills corresponding to the allocation and/or maintenance of IPv4 and/or IPv6 blocks. In the case of Active B members, the membership dues correspond to their annual fixed fee.

According to the bylaws, LACNIC members are entitled to differential votes depending on the category and the level to which they belong. Therefore, each vote will be pondered based on this criterion. The categories are the following:

Active A members are entitled to 1 to 5 votes, depending on the address space they administer:

Active B members: 1 vote

Active Founding members: 1 vote

The number of votes is not cumulative in case that the member falls into more than one category.

Announcement of the elected candidates

The maximum term for the Electoral Commission to announce the outcome of the election is November 08, 2013.

The elected candidates will occupy their seats on January 1st, 2014.

All the information about LACNIC´s Board of Directors here.