LACNIC Technical Forum


The LACNIC Technical Forum is a space where the community can meet face-to-face during LACNIC events to share and discuss various topics. The forum includes top-level technical presentations on issues such as cybersecurity, IPv6, DNS, the Internet of Things, interconnection, network operation, regulation and others.

Wednesday 2 / 1 - 4 Room / 09.00 - 10.30
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09.00 Presentation of the new LACNIC Technical Forum
FTL Committee
09.30 Infrastructure Geolocation with RIPE IPmap
Massimo Candela
10.00 Flowspec – Just do it? History and Best Current Practices
Julio Arruda
10.30 RPKI Validator
  Jorge Cano
  Gerardo Rada
Wednesday 2 / 1 - 4 Room / 11.00 - 13.00
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Keynote: To Live and Die for Threat Modeling.
Nicolás Waisman

To Live and Die for Threat Modeling. In his keynote presentation, Nicolas Waisman will guide us through a dizzying twenty-years of computer security with a clearly offensive focus, to help us understand how it all began and how attackers have adapted to changes in technology. With this in mind, he will analyze current threat modeling and what the future of threat modeling should look like. Do we really understand what we are protecting against, or do the media and economic interests perhaps drive us to pursue imaginary players? These and other questions will be the starting point for understanding, discussing and confronting the current state of our security.

12.30 Rebuilding the Infrastructure of St. Marteen
Sidney De Weever
12.45 Signing of the MOU between LAC-IX, LACNIC and ISOC
Wednesday 2 / 1 - 4 Room / 14.00 - 15.25
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14.00 Build Your Own Version of NetNorad Using OpenSource Tools
Jose Leitao, Daniel Rodriguez
14.35 Technical Aspects for Sharing Ports and Transports
Julimar Lunguinho Mendes
15.10 Distributed Costs Model in CRIX - Lightning Session -
Mauricio Oviedo
15.25 IPv6 New RFCs - Lightning Session -
Jordi Palet Martínez


Thursday 3 / 1 - 4 Room / 10.40 - 11.00
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10.40 Identifying DNS Open Resolvers in IPv6 - Lightning Session
Alejandro Acosta, Darío Gómez
Thursday 3 / 1 - 4 Room / 11.30 - 13.00
11.30 Adding Flexibility and Speed to the SERPRO Network Using NFV
Davis Victor
12.00 O SDN nas Redes de Transporte. Das promessas à realidade.
Javier Ger
12.30 Status of IPv6 Deployment in Internet Services for the Latin American and Caribbean Region (LAC)
Madeleine García, Fernando Gont
Thursday 3 / 1 - 4 Room / 14.00 - 16.00
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14.00 Advances in IPv6 Network Reconnaissance
Fernando Gont
14.30 A New Internet? Introduction to HTTP/2, QUIC and DOH
Jordi Palet Martínez

Keynote: IPv6, Internet Security, and the Internet of Insecure Things
Bob Hinden

Abstract:  The talk will cover three topics: IPv6, Internet Security, and the Internet of Insecure Things (aka IoT). For IPv6, I will cover the history of how it was developed, where we are now, and the challenges going forward.  Internet Security will cover some of the problems we are facing, Trust on the Internet, and my thoughts on secure platforms.  IoT will cover security problems with IoT, recent IoT based attacks, and my thoughts on some solutions. 

Thursday 3 / 1 - 4 Room / 16.30 - 18.00
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16.30 High-Availability Solution for Extreme Loads in Recursive DNS - Lightning Session
Alexandre Giovaneli
17.00 Self-Hosted Cloud Model: An Alternative for Using Cloud Applications - Lightning Session
Edson Celio
17.20 Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report Vol. 13 - Lightning Session
Kleber Carriello
17.40 Antispoofing Techniques for Providers - Lightning Session
Eduardo Barasal Morales