If you are a newcomer to LACNIC events, we invite you to read these tips that will help you make the most of your experience.


  1. Download the LACNIC Events app. A few days before the event you will receive an email containing instructions to download the app that will allow you to add the sessions you would like to attend to your calendar, receive notifications, and send private messages to other participants, among other features.
  2. Engage with our social media channels - Follow the #LACNIC29 hashtag


You can keep up with the latest new on the panels, sessions, and most relevant keynote speakers attending the event.

  1. Subscribe to the mailing lists. Depending on your topics of interest, you can subscribe to different mailing lists, including Internet Governance, Security, Policy, Interconnection, and others. Click here for more information:
  2. Subscribe to our monthly news bulletin. If you want to keep up with the latest news on Internet development in our region, you can subscribe to LACNIC's monthly news bulletin
  3. Attend the pre-event webinars. Different webinars will address the policy proposals currently under discussion, technical issues, and women's participation in LACNIC events .
  4. If you are interested in our IPv6, BGP or RPKI courses, don't hesitate to register for the courses that will be offered on the LACNIC Campus beginning in March 2018. More information:


  1. Attend the different networking spaces provided during the week, such as the welcome cocktail and other social events.
  2. Join the newcomers meeting on Monday, 30 April at 8:30 am. This activity will allow you to learn firsthand about the topics that will be discussed during the week and identify the various spaces for exchanging ideas and networking with other participants.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at