Public Policy Forum


Sunday 29 / VIP 1 / 19.30 - 20.30
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Q&A session with the authors of the policies to be presented at LACNIC 29

We invite you to join us with your questions on the policy proposals that will be presented at the Policy Forum to be held during the upcoming LACNIC event. This space will provide an opportunity to personally ask your questions to the authors.

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Tuesday 1 / 1 - 4 Room / 11.30 - 13.00
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11.30 Opening remarks and presentation of the Policy Forum agenda

LACNIC's Public Policy Forum is where proposals regarding the rules or policies for Internet resource management to be applied in Latin America and the Caribbean are presented, discussed and approved. The forum is open to the public and anyone interested in doing so may participate.

This forum is also an interactive space where LACNIC presents its activity reports and the regional community discusses relevant technical issues.

Paola Pérez, Juan Peirano - Public Forum Chairs
11.40 LAC-2018-4: Review and correction of errors in the IPv6 policy
Jordi Palet
12.00 LAC-2018-7: Clarification of IPv6 Sub-Assignments
Jordi Palet
12.20 LAC-2018-1: Proposal to create a Global Internet Registry (GIR)
Nico Antoniello
12.40 LAC-2018-5: Registration and validation of "abuse-c" and "abuse-mailbox"
Jordi Palet
Tuesday 1 / 1 - 4 Room / 14.00 - 16.00
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14.00 Policy proposals at the other RIRs 
Gianina Pensky (LACNIC)
14.10 LAC-2018-3: IP-Based Geolocation
Jorge Lam
14.25 LAC-2018-6: Simplification of the PDP
Jordi Palet
14.45 LAC-2018-10: Simplifying the PDP (Mailing List + Forum Option)
Jordi Palet
15.05 LAC-2018-2: Update the policy on transfers due to mergers/acquisitions
Ricardo Patara
15.25 LAC-2018-8: Update to the Policy on IPv4 Assignments to End Users
Jordi Palet
15.45 LAC-2018-9: Update to the Policy on Initial IPv4 Allocations to ISPs
Jordi Palet